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We offer exclusive wedding packages taylored to each individual need, we have  a mobile service, were our expertly trained and friendly stylists and make up artist will come to you! We understand the importance of achieving a look that is personal and individual to each and every bride on her very special day. Your photos and videos will prompt your memories and we believe your hair and make up is almost, if not, just as important as your dress!
Do you know the secret to why celebrities have gorgeous hair? It’s because they surround themselves with hair experts and that’s exactly what we’re here to do for you. We’re giving you all the inside tips, tricks, products and styles that will help you have glamorous, head-turning hair. Micro weave hair extensions now available. From £150 for 1 pack, including a free consultation and colour match.  
So you've fried your hair. We know. We know. You got a little crazy with the curling iron, you stayed out in the sun for days on end or your colourist went overboard dying your black hair white-blonde. Maybe you put a perm atop a coloruing job and fried your hair that way. In any case, if your hair feels like straw, it's fried. And believe it or not, there's relief. First of all, you need to lay off the hot tools (flat irons and curling irons) as much as possible and then you need to get your ends trimmed every 3 weeks.
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